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Below are a few commonly asked questions that may give you a better idea of what our platform is, how it works, and who it is built for.

What is The AAM Group?
The AAM Group (AAM USA, Inc.) is the automotive aftermarket’s leading program distribution group and specialty marketing firm dedicated to the growth and success of its partners, from warehouse distributors and manufacturers to local retailers and installers. To accomplish this goal, AAM provides a breadth of marketing and technology tools to benefit its automotive accessory wholesale distributors, retailers and installers, and our partnering manufacturers, including B2B purchasing solutions, digital cataloging, data enhancement, website development, print sales collateral, video training, strategic consultation, and more.

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Can I have an Aftermarket Websites® site without being an AAM member reseller?
Absolutely! We welcome all brick-and-mortar resellers that have a physical store location to join the platform. You will get more out of the service if you are purchasing from one of our wholesale distributors, and we can help you get set up with one of them if you’d like to establish an account.
Can I sign up with Aftermarket Websites® if I don’t have a physical storefront?
At the core of the Aftermarket Websites® service is the desire to help brick-and-mortar shops succeed in their local markets. Though our sites have a shopping car feature, our mission is to aid local shops to drive customers to their stores; therefore, we serve only those automotive aftermarket businesses that maintain a physical, brick-and-mortar storefront.
How can I become an AAM Member reseller?
If you’re not already a member of one of The AAM Group member warehouses, please contact our sales team at sales@theaamgroup.com.
Can I have my warehouse inventory connected to my website?
Aftermarket Websites® gives you the ability to connect to your AAM Member Warehouse inventory feed so that your website stays up-to-date with inventory levels. Additionally, you can set up your own “in-store” inventory to show stock levels in your store.
Do I need my own SSL certificate?
No! All Aftermarket Websites® include an SSL certificate.
Can I upgrade my account?
Yes! If you’re a base-level website and would like to upgrade to a PRO plan, simply complete this form.
What is the difference between Supporting & Non-Supporting Brands?
Supporting Brands
These are brands that support the Aftermarket Websites® platform along with your AAM Member Warehouse Distributor to provide this platform as a service to you at a heavily subsidized rate.
AAM works directly with these manufacturers to help ensure complete and correct data while adding video and image resources unique to the Aftermarket Websites® platform to products in many cases.

Non-Supporting Brands
These are brands that do not support the Aftermarket Websites® platform however their data is still available to you. This data is provided by the manufacturer to reporting agencies such as SEMA Data Coop, DCi, or ASAP and in some cases, the data is provided directly to us from the manufacturer. This data will appear on your Aftermarket Website® exactly as it leaves the manufacturer.
I still have questions?
Still not sure where to start? Reach out to our sales team! They’ll be able to answer any questions you may still have. Contact them via email at sales@theaamgroup.com